Board Member

Johanna Corrie HeckCorrie Heck joined the Friends’ Board of Directors in 2013, after serving as the volunteer Executive Director since co-founding the organization in 2008.

Having graduated summa cum laude and valedictorian of her college class at Eureka College in rural Illinois, Corrie first came to Hawai‘i in 2004. Her early experience as chair of the Advisory Council to the Illinois State Board of Education, appointed by the State Superintendent, was a launching pad for her enthusiasm for educational programs. Her zeal and drive led to an opportunity to craft educational curricula for the State of California, through the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum while living in Simi Valley, California where she worked directly with Mrs. Nancy Reagan and her team.

Corrie made a leap across the Pacific in early 2006 to join the historic re-election campaign team of Governor Linda Lingle. As deputy communications director for the campaign, Corrie was involved in the development of a comprehensive communications strategy as well as oversaw the execution of each communications tactic. Working with members of the campaign’s senior team, Corrie helped to construct and implement the media-buying strategy which was a critical component of the historic re-election success, winning all 51 House districts.

Deemed a 20-something “ball of fire” in Hawaii media coverage, Corrie served as Chief Communications Officer for Governor Linda Lingle during her second term. In addition to the daily operations and implementation of the communications strategies for the Executive branch of state government, Corrie was responsible for the oversight and execution of all media-buying projects for each of the 16 state departments as well as the Office of the Lt. Governor and the Office of the Governor.

Currently, Corrie is the only long distance board member, serving from her new home in Illinois. Corrie was named Director of Marketing and Communications at her alma mater, Eureka College, in June 2013.